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Conventional and Trunked Digital Radio Solutions

Westel’s Trunkissimo product provides a platform for PMR/LMR users migrating to an APCO Project 25 digital radio platform. Trunkissimo uses Westel’s proven rack-mounted modular technologies the user the ability to operate in both analog and Project 25 digital conventional mode and, additionally, provides an upgrade path to a Project 25 single site trunking capability. This is intended for users of small systems of up to 600 users and offers an unparalleled opportunity for Federal and Local agencies and other business and industry users to implement a Project 25 trunking system - without the overheads often associated with such systems.

Key features Key features of the TSS are : -

  • 3 full duplex repeaters in a single 19" 6RU sub-rack
  • Analog 25 / 12.5 kHz and P25 Digital operation
  • 136 - 174 and 380 - 520 MHz frequency bands
  • Output power 100W VHF and 50W UHF
  • Inbuilt IMBE vocoding and P25 DES-OFB encryption
  • Direct connection to 2W PSTN and 4W E/M services
  • 12V DC supply with redundancy options
  • Conventional operation as standard
  • Trunking operation by software upgrade

For a basic system, the Trunkissimo controller is hosted on the existing Controller Module and a separate trunking controller is not required. Operation in both analog and Project 25 non-Trunked operation is also supported and conventional users of can upgrade to a P25 Trunking system by applying an optional software upgrade.The single site trunking system will initially support Unit to Group, Unit to Unit, Broadcast (Announcement) and Emergency calls and a subscriber database of up to 1000 users. This feature set will be enhanced during 2008 and will include the following:

The system which operates from 12V DC incorporates supply redundancy to enhance availability and reduce downtime.

Download the Trunkissimo Data Sheet > two pages (234kB pdf format)