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Irukandji Digital Repeater Basestation

Westel's irukandji Digital Repeater is a digital radio repeater/basestation, housed in a highly compact package .

With in-built P25 IMBE vocoding and DES encryption and the ability to connect to existing tone-based remotes and console systems and 2W and 4W PSTN circuits the DRB-25 offers all the security and features you need in digital mode, as well as retaining complete compatibility with existing analog terminals.

Now you can upgrade your basestation equipment for the future without making all your terminals obsolete. RF performance of both the VHF (136 – 174 MHz) and UHF (380 – 520 MHz) versions complies with APCO-25 and TIA / EIA specifications.

Powered directly from 12V the transmitter provides a 50W output and provision is made for an internal transmit/receive relay. Measuring only 2RU (88mm) high and designed for mounting in a standard 19'' rack the irukandji is one of the smallest fully featured Project 25 repeaters on the market.

Programming and management is performed using powerful Windows® based configuration and diagnostics monitoring tools.

We understand that getting your system on the air quickly is a priority, so we've made sure that programming the Westel irukandji couldn't be easier. Key parameters (such as frequency, operating mode, timer settings and talkgroups) are set through a series of Windows dialog boxes, allowing you to easily modify the behavior of any radio in an instant. 

The irukandji is designed for unattended repeater or basestation operation and can be managed and diagnosed remotely through a serial connection. 

Feature summary

The system which operates from 12V DC incorporates supply redundancy to enhance availability and reduce downtime.

Download the irukandji Data Sheet > one page (717kB pdf format)