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Westel’s IP Capability

Westel has an IP capability built into its DRB-25 repeater product providing   Using this the repeater may be connected to an IP type network and provide: 

Fixed Station Interface Access Point

Westel’s Fixed Station Interface Access Point (FSIAP-25) provides remote access and control of a P25 Base or Repeater over an ethernet network. The FSIAP-25 is located at the console or remote and incorporates P25 IMBE vocoding to allow direct connection to P25 bases and repeaters.

Audio is digitized using the IMBE vocoder and sent to the repeater over the WAN where it is transmitted as a P25 signal. In the reverse direction a P25 signal received by the repeater is sent over the WAN to the FSIAP-25 where it is de-vocoded and passed to the audio interface as baseband analog audio.

DES-OFB and AES encryption are available as options. Setup and configuration of the FSIAP-25 is either via the USB port (a command line interface) or using the in-built web browser.

Download the FSIAP-25 Data Sheet > two pages (42kB pdf format)



Web-Diagnostics and Status Information

By configuring the repeater with Westel’s IP Controller, which hosts an in-built webserver, the Web-Diagnostics provides in real time the status of the repeater. 

The diagnostics comprises a ‘home’ page (right) and separate more detailed pages for each transceiver. 

A ‘configuration’ page allows the various networking parameters to be set; another page allows for  the remote generation of test signals and a page to remotely update the software feature licenses.  

For information on how to access an online repeater with live diagnostics and status information please contact Westel. 


DRB-25 Diagnostic example

VOIP and control using the PC Console application

PC Console, a simple application running on a PC, enables the user to communicate (receive and transmit) with both analog and P25 portable and mobile subscribers using the repeater. 

The repeater and the PC are connected via an IP network.  Using PC Console the user can monitor and control several repeaters and also to change channel from a single location. 

This makes use of the repeater’s in-built Project 25 vocoder (and, where appropriate the in-built P25 DES encryption) and streams the voice between the repeater and PC Console as PCM over RTP.

For information on how to access an online repeater with live P25 traffic please contact Westel. 


PC Console application example