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Based in Sydney, Australia, Westel is focused on the provision of APCO Project 25 Digital Radio Repeaters worldwide.

Westel's prime market is the United States - the key market for APCO Project 25 technology - and it also operates in emerging international markets, such as Russia and China.

Westel recognises that in migrating from analog to digital operation no two users have the same requirement and Westel regularly undertakes customisation of products to incorporate customer specific features.

The Irukandji Repeater/Basestation is an entry-level product capable of both analog and digital operation.

Incorporating IMBE vocoding, DES-OFB encryption, interfaces to 2/4W lines for tone-based consoles and remotes and 2W PSTN it is ideally suited to for users requiring a plug-in replacement for existing analog repeaters as part of an analog - digital migration.

The DRB-25 Dual Radio Repeater/Basestation is designed to facilitate interoperability between analog and digital users.

Containing two independent repeaters the DRB-25 provides sophisticated cross-band and cross-mode capabilities together with VOIP and IP-based diagnostics and is widely deployed by agencies with a responsibility for Public Safety and Law Enforcement.

The Trunkissimo product provides a platform for analog users migrating to an digital radio platform and, additionally, provides an upgrade path to an APCO Project 25 single site trunking capability.

Trunkissimo is intended for users of small trunking systems and up to 2 Trunkissimo platforms may be stacked to provide for up to 600 users. This offers an unparalleled opportunity for Federal and Local agencies and other business and industry users to implement a digital trunking system - without the overheads often associated with such systems.

Project 25 Interoperability

Irukandji Digital Repeater

DRB-25 Dual Radio Repeater/Basestation