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Irukandji Digital Repeater DRB-25 Dual Radio Repeater/Basestation Trunkissimo

Equipment Requiring Repair:

Instructions on how to obtain an RMA to return an equipment for repair or service are on the Equipment Fault Report (pdf format, 19kB)

Software Updates:

For most reliable download of software and documentation updates use 'right click'
followed by 'save target as' to store the downloaded file locally.

For the latest DRB-25 Programming Software please contact Westel

DRB-25 Operating Software (Zip format, 4416k)

DRB-25 Operating Software (rar format, 4416k - for IE8 users)

V4.74 Release Note


DRB-25 Operator and Maintenance Manual (pdf format, 1.5MB, v1.00 Aug 2011)

DRB-25 Spare Parts Manual (pdf format, 2.3MB, v2.00 Sep 2013)